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Juli Baranello

e: [email protected]

Juli comes from a family that bought and sold many properties so she's familiar with the buying, remodeling and selling process. She has always enjoyed working with people and derives a lot of satisfaction helping people find the right home for their family. She's disciplined, dedicated and passionate about finding every buyer their dream home. Juli will research tirelessly to discover the exact home her clients are looking for. She is known for her honesty, careful attention to details and most of all her perseverance to getting the job done. Juli resides in Louisville. She enjoys spending time with her pets and competing with her American Saddlebreds. She is sensitive to the concerns of clients about their pets and knowledgeable about issues that might affect the enjoyment of their future home. As an experienced equestrian, she's totally immersed in and familiar with all aspects of horse-farm operations and needs.

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